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Understanding Process

Simply login or register (phone number/ email address and OTP/password), setup your account (name, location, self-introduction and phone number) and click Post Listing. Seller has to agree to terms and condition before they can list their stock.

Follow the steps through, such as stating the breed of stock, description of each stock, and adding photo, price, insurance and transportation details.

Finally, click Post Listing at the end, we will receive the listing and approve the same within 24 hrs if found suitable., we will start holistic marketing for the product live on the platform.

Or Seller can connect with listing team to help them create the listing on their behalf. Seller will have to agree to terms and condition for the listing to go-live.

When buyers come on the platform, they can see the listing based on their search criterion, they can either place the order or send an inquire/query to sales support team. Buyer can also choose to get in touch with expert team via mail or phone call and get their queries resolved and place the order by making the payment. Besides livestock order, buyer can also opt for livestock transportation assist and vet verification facility provided by along with some other value add services.

The and seller come to an agreement on the price of stock and other value-added services like transportation assist, veterinary service, insurance assist.

Say goodbye to ‘cheques, faxes and payment delays’ and hello to ‘quick, easy, safe and secure’.

Once the price is agreed, our system will automatically drum up an invoice and send it to the buyer, who can then pay by card or net banking or deposit the cash in the company’s account.

Once the buyer had paid, the goods can be collected or delivered as agreed.

Once the deal is done, don’t forget to leave a review.

Reviews are so important because they promote better buyer and seller confidence and increase accountability.

Reviews instil a feeling of trust and safety within the community, leading to a positive experience online.

Why to use

Giving the widest choice of products, information and buyers/sellers to everyone. There is an average of 500 listings and 10,000 head available at any time. That's the equivalent of being over 10 livestock fair markets without leaving your farm.'

We provide vet verification certificate for a livestock subject to buyers need, this will give clear indication of the health of livestock, expected produce along with other necessary details on breed of the stock. Hence the stock can be trusted by any buyer.

We offer a gamut of service that support buyers and sellers including insurance facility, transportation assist and financial assistance to eligible buyers.

Eliminating wasted costs, time and produce. We're also saving you time, giving you back time to spend doing the things you love.

Make sure everyone gets paid for what they sell. Always. Our secure payment system, offers peace of mind to online buyers and sellers. Buyers must demonstrate availability of funds in advance, giving the sellers confidence of quick payment after movement.

Trading online and not taking animals to market reduces unnecessary travel and distress, as well as reducing the chances of cross-infection.

Stopping unnecessary animal movements, reducing disease spread and making all livestock traceable to their source. Our technology provides extra assurances linking into health, welfare, organic and traceability databases.

Providing independent insights that drive better decisions.

Providing unbiased information and insight that drives better decisions. We have no vested interest other than wanting farmers to succeed in building thriving farm businesses.